What Matters to Us:


1.  Family.  You may be single, divorced, married, widowed, with children, or no children:  you are welcome to become a part of our Church Family.  You may be a child, a teenager, a young adult, middle-aged, or a senior adult: you are important to us at May Memorial.  God welcomes you, and so do we.

2.  Missions and Service.  God uses us to help feed the hungry, visit the prisoners, embrace the hurting, and heal the broken in our community.  God is on a mission in this world, and the exciting good news is that God includes us in that mission.

3.  Encountering God in worship.  When we gather as the church and listen, pray, sing, and respond, God speaks to us.

4.  Children and Youth.  We know that there is a window of time in which children and youth are innocently open to God and are willing to give their lives to God.  We take those opportunities to teach and show our children how to be faithful disciples.

5.  Music.  May Memorial is a musical church.  We sing traditional hymns and fresh new songs.  We listen to children and adults sing.  We believe that God is praised in our music and that music speaks to us and shapes us as faithful disciples.

6.  Sunday School.  This is our time to be in small groups with other seekers who are forming relationships with God and each other.  Relationships are important, and they are formed in Sunday School.  Click here to learn more about Sunday School.