May Memorial Baptist Church began around 1900, when residents from the Village of Powhatan began holding worship services in the Courthouse on Sunday evenings. Ministers from various denominations from nearby churches conducted these services. This lasted about six years and interest was such that a committee was formed to consider the practicality of building a church.

May Memorial was granted admission to the Middle District Baptist Association in 1908. The church building was completed during the summer of 1910, and on August 28, 1910, it was "dedicated to the Glory of God."

In 1949, the Church, with membership of 231, was outgrowing its facilities and plans were formulated for a new building. In the spring of 1953, construction was begun on a “T” shaped building, the long leg to be the sanctuary. Financial limitations only allowed for an educational building to be completed at that time. The sanctuary was not built until 1962, and stained glass windows were added in 1975.

In 2000, the Church began using part-time youth and Children’s Ministers, most of whom were seminary students. In 2004, the adjacent property and house were purchased, and after much renovation, the house currently serves as the Youth House.

In 2007, May Memorial celebrated its Centennial and in 2008, the Church began construction of an addition to the present building. A service of Thanksgiving and Dedication was held to commemorate the completion of Phase I of the building project in 2010. New playground equipment also followed for the outside play area.

May Memorial Baptist Church, in 2011, has an active membership of 375. We are associated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, but support certain mission offerings of the Southern Baptist Convention. The general theological perspective of May Memorial Baptist Church is represented in the Baptist Faith and Message of 1963. We support an active role of women in our congregation, and welcome them to serve as Deacons. May Memorial Baptist Church is an autonomous, moderate Baptist church, with the Priesthood of all believers and affirms the accountability of each person before God. Everyone is welcome to come and worship the Lord Jesus Christ at May Memorial Baptist Church.